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10 Ways to Beat the Heat With Your Kids


Ideas for keeping cool in hot weather
Keeping Children Cool in a Heatwave


It’s official, the UK is finally having a real Summer! Great news for everyone, especially those who can’t get away abroad this year but still want to enjoy the sun. The problem then? We’re just not equipped for this kind of heat! Very few UK homes, restaurants and shops have air con systems. After all, we spend most of the year trying to heat our homes! When the heat gets a little too much to handle, here are some ways you can keep the kids cool and still enjoy Summer.

Tips & Tricks:

Freeze Up

Freeze a bottle of water for the kids to take to school. They can either drink it throughout the day as it melts, or use it to cool down if things get too warm. Schools are another example of buildings that typically do not have aircon. Classrooms can get quite stuffy making it difficult to concentrate. As well as frozen bottles and ice-packs, a handheld fan might be a good idea too.

If you have very young children and you’re using a fan in their room overnight, give it an upgrade. Leave frozen bottles of water in front of the fan and it will cool the air as the fan circulates it around the room.

Open the Loft

If you have a loft open the hatch to ventilate your home. The heat will escape through the roof and keep your house much cooler.

Ditch Waterproof Mattress Covers

For babies, this one can make all the difference. A waterproof mattress cover can make your baby sweat more throughout the night by holding onto the heat. Always use cotton only bed sheets to keep your baby cool.

Feet & Wrists

Teach your kids to run cold water over their wrists if they get too warm while playing or at school. Another great tip is to wash their feet in cool water which can help to lower their temperature before bed.

Things to Do:

Take the Family to the Coast

If you know it’s going to be an extremely hot weekend and you don’t already live near the coast, this is ideal. It’s usually a few degrees cooler at the coast, plus you have the sea! There is a distinct lack of outdoor swimming pools in this country compared to our European neighbours. That’s understandable, but it leaves us with nowhere to cool down when a heatwave strikes.


It might not be the obvious go-to Summer activity, but it’s definitely a cool option. If you live near an ice-rink and the kids are looking for a new hobby, why not take them ice-skating and see how it goes down?

Water Sports

Anything that involves water gets the thumbs-up in the heat! Whether that’s water parks, water sports or just a water fight in the garden.

When it comes to things to avoid, consider ditching anything that involves long queues in the Sun, or places with little to no shade. A scorcher of a day can turn something that would normally be very enjoyable, in to pure hell! Before attending events, shows, or family festivals, plan ahead to stay cool. Get to events early and choose to park in the shade. Take cool bags for drinks, pack sun hats, cool footwear and plenty of sun cream.

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