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Out the Box Family Activities for the Weekend

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What do you turn to when the kids say ‘I’m bored’? If the weekends are getting a little monotonous, these out the box activities might help you. Perhaps you’re just looking for something a little different to do at the weekends? If Saturday and Sunday are typically your family days, it’s nice to mix it up and try something else once in a while.

Hire Garden Activities

If you’ve got the space, there are some fantastic garden activities that you can hire for the day. These make such a fun thing to to have at a family BBQ, or any kind of get together. Weather permitting of course!

  • Inflatable Sumo Suits
  • Blow Up Assault Course
  • Inflatable Bouncy Games
  • Garden Jenga
  • Crazy Golf Hire
  • Garden Chess

You can pick up activities like these and more at websites such as and

Building Indoor Forts

One for a rainy day. Why not go all out and build the ultimate family den? Don’t just settle for a blanket over some chairs. Get everyone involved; assigning each person their own task as part of the build. One person might be tasked with collecting building materials; blankets, pegs etc. Someone else might be on snack and movie duty. For younger children, it’s an ideal way to build teamwork as well as turn a rainy day into something enjoyable. Forts provide hours of fun; you can play board games inside, decorate the interior and have a family fort picnic.

Scavenger Hunt

Ideal for larger families, or an activity to play against other families/friends. A scavenger hunt can be tailored to any age and any setting. A scavenger hunt works like this: Two or more teams are given a list of items to find on the day of the scavenger hunt (it’s important no one has seen this list). The list needs to be appropriate for the location and the items need to be difficult to attain, but not impossible. Ask a creative friend to write the lists, so it’s a surprise for everyone on the day.

Create a Time Capsule

If you’ve got children who are old enough to understand the concept of a time capsule, this one is a winner! To make a proper time capsule it really is a process that takes you back to your roots. You can include information about your family history and work together to document all your family favourites. To make this entertaining for younger children, they could draw pictures of the family pet, their favourite toy or sport etc. Task them with the challenge of finding a small toy or item they are willing to give up.

Rock Climbing

Unless you have an interest in rock-climbing, it’s not an immediate go-to weekend activity. There are many indoor and outdoor rock climbing centres dotted around the country. It’s very likely your nearest city will offer a rock climbing session that you and your family can enjoy together. It’s something new and exciting if you’re stuck for ideas, plus it gets the kids active and might open the door to a new hobby.

It’s quite useful to keep a little family activity book and add in new ideas as you find them. When you’re strapped for cash, you could have a backup ‘free activities’ section and include things such as free museums and free play parks.

All 4 Kids UK has some great ideas for days out with children of all ages HERE