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Baby Milestones: When Will My Baby…?

milestones in babies development
Milestones In Your Babies Life


Bringing your newborn baby home from the hospitals is one of the proudest happiest moments of your life. Now the fun begins, helping your bundle of joy develop and grow in their new world. One of the first things we start to wonder is when our baby will sit, crawl, walk and talk. We don’t want to wish those newborn days away, but we can’t help worrying if our baby is keeping up with what’s considered ‘normal’.

Roll Over

Before a baby can roll over they need to develop the strength to hold their head up. Tummy time is ideal for helping baby lift their head by themselves and build the necessary strength to do so. Before commencing any tummy time, make sure your baby isn’t too tired and always lay them on a hard surface.

In some cases, rolling over can happen as early as 3 months, although this is rare. Most babies will have strong enough neck and arm muscles to do so by six or seven months.


When your baby starts to sit up without needing the support of anything, it really is a magical moment. This can happen any time between five and seven months, but nearly all babies will be sitting comfortably by the time they’re nine months. So now you don’t need to worry about props to support your babies back, or layering the carpet with cushions in case they fall back. By nine months your baby has enough balance and strength not to fall backwards.


Crawling usually happens between six and ten months, although it’s not uncommon for some babies to completely skip this step and go straight to walking after learning to pull themselves up. Other babies might shuffle along their bottom as a means of getting about

Try incentivising the need to crawl forward. Place toys or other objects in near reach of your baby so they must stretch out and move forward to retrieve it.


Before your baby can stand they need to learn how to pull themselves up. This usually happens between eight and ten months, but they will require something sturdy to hold on to. Standing does usually happen after crawling unless your baby skips this stage (which does happen). Around 11 months your baby should be able to pull up and stand without support.


Walking is something that does really vary from baby to baby. Most will start walking somewhere between nine and twelve months, but nearly all babies should be walking by the time they are fifteen months. Usually, between six and eight months your baby will start to bounce up and down using their legs with the support of a walker or bouncer. Your babies leg muscles have now been developing for some time, as they learnt to roll over, sit and crawl.

Say Their First Word

A baby’s first word is remembered for the rest of their lives by parents grandparents and often siblings. It’s a big moment when your baby says a truly recognisable word. This can happen anywhere between nine and fourteen months. Even as early as seven months some babies are making sounds such as da-da or ba-ba in relation to objects or people. Other babies might not speak their first word until eighteen months and again this is perfectly healthy.

Remember, every baby is completely different and you shouldn’t worry if your child takes longer to do certain things. Some perfectly healthy children will not start walking until they are 17 months. Some babies are not as vocal as others and some will never crawl, simply skipping that stage altogether.