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UK Summer Holiday Ideas for the Whole Family

Family Holidays in the UK
Summer Holiday Ideas For Families


Whether you’re looking to travel far or stay in the UK, there is nothing more exciting than planning the next big family holiday! Everyone looks forward to the Summer; longer days, plenty of family time and the promise of at least a little bit of sun. Check out these family holiday ideas for some Summer inspiration.


Camping can be so exciting for children, even those who don’t naturally spend a great deal of time outdoors. Campfires, putting up the tent, sleeping outside, exploring the surroundings… it’s the simple things about a camping holiday that excite the kids. Camping holidays often bring the family together, through problem-solving and working as a team to get things done. Even mealtime can become a family activity.

Be sure to find out all of the information about the camping site you’re staying on before you arrive. Some camping sites don’t actually allow children, so check you’ve chosen a family friendly site. A little bit of forward-planning (activities, food etc,.) and a camping holiday can be one of the best things you’ll ever do.

Of course, camping really isn’t for everyone and that’s absolutely fine. If this sounds like you; consider glamping, staying in pods, teepees or even a cabin.

Main Pro: Affordable
Main Con: Lots to take/organise

Cottage Holidays

Fancy discovering a new part of the UK? Consider renting a self-catering cottage for the week. The success of this holiday will be largely location dependent, but that’s one the best things. You could choose a cottage by the beach in Cornwall, or opt for a cottage up in the lake district. There will be quite a bit more planning needed for this type of getaway, but that often provides opportunities to save money. A home-cooked breakfast in the cottage could save the pennies for a nice meal out that evening instead.

If you’re stuck for ideas, use our search tool to locate the best type of child-friendly cottage. We only list the best family cottages in the UK.

Main Pro: Location Flexibility
Main Con: You will often need to plan/discover your own activities and entertainment outside the cottage.


You can’t go too far wrong with an all-inclusive holiday resort. Accommodation, activities, food and entertainment all in one place. This takes the stress out of planning each day and there is usually something to suit everyone. There are many great holiday resorts in the UK, so if you don’t want to leave the country, you really can have an incredible family holiday not too far from home. You might automatically look to the most popular resorts such as Center Parcs or Butlins, but don’t forget to consider similar alternatives. Use our search tool on All4KidsUK to look for activity and sports resorts, or any other type of family holiday.

Main Pro: Something for everyone
Main Con: More Expensive than other options

Spoilt for choice? Why not get the kids involved when making a decision and see what they like the sound of? This should help to narrow it down and you can start counting the days until Summer.