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Small Budget Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Childrens' birethday parties on a budget
Organising Kids Birthday Parties On A Budget


Are you completely stressing out about putting on a great party for your child, but this year you just don’t have the funds available? The pressure only mounts if all your child’s friends have had over-the-top or extra special parties. Of course, you know it’s not about competing, but you know kids like to compare and you’re worried about disappointing your child.
If this sounds like you, let us reassure you that the amount of fun a child has is never a direct result of money spent. Here we’ve got some really simple kids party ideas for you to consider.

Garden Party

As unpredictable as the UK weather can be, there’s still hope for a handful of summer BBQ days. If your little one was born in the Summer, then a garden party is certainly a real possibility. If you’ve got the space, you could even rent a small bouncy castle to keep everyone occupied. If a BBQ seems like too much hassle, a party style buffet of cold food could save money and stress. When it comes to party games, you can’t go wrong with good old-fashioned pass the parcel, musical chairs and maybe even a pinata!

Woodland Treasure Hunt

If you’ve got a nearby forest or other woodland areas, consider an afternoon treasure hunt. This will involve some creativity on your part but will save costs over other party ideas. Create a series of clues and hide them in different areas around the forest. You could tie them to trees or posts, or bury them in a little soil. The final clue should lead to some exciting treasure for everyone involved. This would work really well for smaller party groups and would appeal to little explorers. If you live near the coast why not try a pirate-themed treasure hunt?

To make things more exciting, mini-prizes or challenges could be included along the way.

Swimming Pool Party

A swimming pool party might not be as inexpensive as a garden party or a treasure hunt, however, it is a reasonably low-cost party. Most leisure centres offer a party hour package for a set number of children. Within this, there is typically someone running the pool games and you usually get inflatables and equipment included. It’s an ideal party idea for children aged 7-11.

Other Tips for Saving Money

  • Digital Invites: Email or send via Facebook. Simple and cost-effective.
  • Join Forces: Has your child got a close friend with a birthday in the same month?
  • Why not double up and save half the cost.
  • Skip Mealtimes: Planning a party between 2 pm and 5 pm is the best time if you don’t want to put on food. No one expects a meal between lunch and tea.
  • Upcycle and DIY decorations: You could even get the kids involved and create some homemade decorations from bits and bobs you already have in your home.

It’s all about the atmosphere you can create and the people you invite. The people who attend are what makes a party great. The best parties are the ones where everyone lets loose and gets involved. Therefore, creating a relaxed and encouraging environment is sometimes better than focusing on impressing.