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Top Tips to Make Your Garden More Kid Friendly

Got a small outdoor space you want to make the most of it? Perhaps you just want a family garden that everyone enjoys? We often have different needs when it comes to the garden. You might enjoy flowers and plants, while your significant other prefers an expanse of grass. The kids, on the other hand, might have other ideas. Turning your rose bush into a goal post and your beautifully cut lawn their play area.

Creating a garden that suits everyone can be quite inexpensive and simple to do. Children outgrow expensive garden equipment very quickly. While it might seem appealing to buy climbing frames and other structures, it’s not always cost-effective. Instead here are some alternative ideas to create a more interactive outdoor space.

Sensory Areas

For younger children, sensory gardens are brilliant! A built-in sandpit and chalkboard are two simple ideas we came across on mommo design.

Child friendly gardens
Helping Children Enjoy The Garden


You can also set-up areas using old pots and pans to create a place for children to express themselves and explore different sounds. Sensory gardens are also ideal for disabled children who struggle to express themselves or communicate.

This DIY outdoor musical instrument won’t break the band and will provide your little one with hours of fun come rain or shine.

Child friendly gardens
Engage Your Children To Enjoy The Outdoors


Creating garden art can also become its own sensory delight in itself. For example, you could glue shells, stones and pebbles to wood panels to create some outdoor art. We also spotted this great idea using bottle caps to create a wind chime. This example is made of beer bottle caps which can be quite sharp. We recommend using milk bottle and juice bottle caps instead.

Children's Arts & Crafts
Making Fun Garden Ornaments With Kids


Grow Your Own Veg

If you’d like to get your child involved with gardening, then growing vegetables is a simple and rewarding way to do this. Why not dedicate one corner of your garden and create a vegetable patch with the help of your kids. Let them choose what to grow and watch the pride on their faces when you serve up some of their home-grown produce. Tending to a vegetable patch also teaches responsibility and appreciation for food.

You certainly don’t need a big garden to make this work, take a look at this lovely mini vegetable patch, spotted on ‘Room to Grow’.

Eating fresh food grown in your gardren
Helping Children Create a Vegetable Garden


Dogs In the Garden

If you have a dog that typically does its business in the garden, it can be a nightmare letting young children out to play; constantly worrying about missed mess. One solution is to create a dedicated area for your dog to go in, a tucked away corner if possible. It will take training and commitment to re-teach your dog that they can’t simply go to the toilet anywhere they like.

Before you whack of the credit card to fund your new Summer garden, consider upcycling old things from around your house. If you’re like the majority of most UK households, you’ve probably got a garage, attic or shed full of old odds and sods just waiting to be repurposed. This itself can be an exciting task to involve the kids in. Get the whole family involved in the creative transformation of your outdoor space.