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Healthy Kid Snacks In Disguise!

If you’ve got a picky eater on your hands, we know how you feel! The healthy five-a-day rule seems like an impossible challenge if your child won’t touch fruit or vegetables in their typical form. Try not to blame yourself if you’ve made a real effort to introduce healthy foods from very young. Things like TV shows and other children at school and can hugely influence your child’s decisions, confusing them and putting them off the good stuff!

Let’s be honest, most children would rather eat chicken nuggets and chips compared to a plate of vegetables. When it’s 5:30pm on a school night and you’ve got a screaming match taking place over carrots, it’s all too tempting to give in! So let’s take a look at some excellent substitute disguises.

Courgette & Broccoli Fritters

You can pass these off as ‘green burgers’ or even ‘hulk burgers’ if your little one is superhero fan! We spotted these on the BBC good food website. Total Prep time and cook time is only 30 minutes – winner! They are simply made from grated courgettes and broccoli, eggs, dill, oil and flour. Simple healthy disguised food.

Healthy eating for kids
Delicious Healthy Food For Your Children

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Avocado Lollipops

One to save for the Summer months. Creamy avocado lollipops! Sounds a little bitter, but these are actually very tasty. Made from natural yoghurt, honey, lime and of course avocado. Total prep time is only 10 minutes and you have yourself a great alternative to sugary supermarket ice-lollies. Again, this was another BBC good food spot. The full recipe and preparation details can be found here.

Healthy treats for kids
Healthy Treats For Your Children

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Zucchini Muffins

Another snack alternative, or perhaps even for breakfast? Although the Zucchini muffin is still made with some muffin essentials, (a little sugar and flour) it’s still an ideal way to sneak in another vegetable. Perfect for pack-ups, or on the go and not just for kids! The whole family will love these guilt-free treats. We found the full recipe on

Healthy eating for kids
Low Sugar Healthy Cakes for Children

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DIY ‘Go Gurt’

A homemade healthy yoghurt with less sugar content and more flavour, sounds ideal! Mummy blogger Kristen posted her DIY ‘Go Gurt’ recipe up on her blog and they’ve proved extremely popular with her readers. We wanted to draw your attention to these super simple alternatives. All you need to do is blend fruit and vegetables and mix with natural yoghurt. Easy! Kristen says she simply matched vegetables with fruit based on colour to disguise the veg. For example, Apricot with hidden carrots. Full recipes and different flavours here.

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Make Healthy Ice Lollies For Your Children

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It’s not about tricking your child into eating more fruit and veg (most of the time), but about helping them expand their food choices and develop their understanding of food. ‘Healthy’ doesn’t mean less tasty or less fun. ‘Treats’ doesn’t mean high sugar-based food. It’s about changing that thought process so your child makes healthier choices independently when they are able to.