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10 Rainy Day Activities For Kids

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Boredom Busters for Children!


Here in the UK we’re quite clearly not always blessed with the best weather. Even in the Summer, we might face days of rain! When your kids are confined indoors it’s too tempting to let them pass their time watching movies or glued to their devices. Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve decided it’s time they unplugged and focused on something else.

Create Treasure Hunts

If you’ve got some free time and you don’t mind going the extra mile you could create a treasure hunt leaving clue to clue all about the house. If you’ve got more than one child over the age of 7 or 8, they might even like to create their own treasure hunts for each other. This is a nice family activity and the treasure could be anything! As long as your kids understand and appreciate that’s the treasure hunt itself, rather than the treasure at the end that makes the game enjoyable.

Local Library Visit

Most UK towns and some villages have their own library, so the chances are there’s one nearby. How many times have you taken the kids to their local library? The library has access to thousands of unexplored worlds. It should be seen as an exciting place rather than just a ‘boring library’. Having a library card and choosing a selection of books to take back home is an experience that many children remember into their adulthood. When children are involved in the process of choosing their own reading material, they are much more likely to pick up a book and read, without being asked.

A Home Performance

If you’ve got a little dancer, singer, gymnast or magician on your hands they no-doubt like to perform. Kids often love to put on a show and be the star of it. Suggesting they create a performance for the family is a great way to encourage teamwork. It also requires imagination, communication and creativity. So the task itself is a really good way to pass a rainy day.

Forgotten Board Games

Remember those games you played as a family last Christmas? They aren’t exclusively Christmas-only games! Board games can provide year-round fun and are just perfect for a rainy day. We often forget those boxed games stacked at the back of the cupboard, but why not get more use out of them?

Family Bake Off

Even if you’re not a big baker, you could probably pull off some cupcakes right? What’s better than a team effort baking session on a cold wet rainy day? Fill the house with that sweet smell of baked goods and keep your children away from their devices while you’re at it. Take it bake-off style if you must and have a little family contest.

We’re so used to technology entertaining us at every second, it’s no wonder we run out of ideas when it comes to occupying our minds away from the tech. When the kids can’t go outside it does become even more of a challenge to keep them interested in things like books, puzzles and imaginative games.